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How to get to Münster?

How to get to Münster?

What to see in Münster?


Münster is a lovely university town with fascinating history, cobblestone streets, charming historic buildings and churches, and plenty of restaurants.

Münster is known as a city where the Peace of Westphalia was signed. This ended the Thirty Years' War and the Eighty Years' War. Moreover, it simultaneously established a European peace administration advocating equality between states and significantly contributed to the formation of modern international law.

Here are a few main points to visit:

  • Prinzipalmarkt is the historical square of Münster and has many shopping malls. Here you can find the Historic City Hall, Saint-Lambert's Church and the Town Hall Tower.

  • The Aasee is an artificial lake located just southwest of the city centre. As the main recreational area in Münster, it offers a good range of activities, from strolling to sailing to touring the lake on solar boats. The Muenster All-Weather Zoo, the Natural History Museum, the Planetarium, and the Muhlenhof Open-Air Museum are all located on the banks of the Aasee.

  • Stadthafen is Münster's City Port, which is on the Dortmund-Ems Canal – the part of the modern part of the town. The Hafen Promenade is a popular place to stroll while the docks are lined with hip cafés and restaurants.


By the way, Münster claims to be the bicycle capital of Germany. The city maintains an extensive network of bicycles, including the famous "Promenade", which encircles Münster's city centre.

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